sharenoto party

design, next.js & wordpress

Activities and workshops for applied arts with children, which have been happening for more than 10 years in children’s centers, restaurants, parents’ cooperatives, in the park, during festivals, etc. A dynamic platform for kids workshops, carefully crafted with Next.js and WordPress. Lightning-fast performance, captivating design and robust functionality. Utilizing WordPress as a headless CMS grants flexibility and scalability in content management.


Headless Architecture
API Integration
Employing Next.js for server-side rendering and routing results in a highly responsive and optimized web application.
photo comma

photo comma

Photo comma is a place with mostly personal photography projects or stand alone images without particular connection with each other taken randomly from here and there. A place where my fascination for photography can have shape – looking for contradictions and harmony in the same time – taking pictures just for the pleasure of taking a picture, because of the picture itself – of the thousands of stories hidden behind every moment.

portico of galician literature

At Portico of Galician Literature the visitor to the site will be able to read work by selected Galician authors, find synopses of their most successful titles and read a short biography. The visitor will also find a list of Galician books already published in English, with links to publishers’ websites where available. Finally there is information on the availability of rights and translation grants, together with a short history of Galician literature from 1196 to today.


skandan music

Bala Skandan is a performer, educator and composer of Carnatic music. He performs both on the Mridangam (double-headed drum) and violin (Carnatic style). He also highlights the beauty of Kanjira (frame drum) and konnakkol (vocal rhythm) in his compositions as well as in performances. He is the lead artist and composer of Akshara Music Ensemble, a NY based Indian-classical music inspired band. Bala Skandan lives in Manhattan and teaches actively.