slideposts ajax pagination plugin

Here is a functionality I made for a client that can refresh the way of presenting posts for a specific category in WordPress. With slidepost ajax pagination plugin one can easily convert a WordPress posts category into a slideshow of images or just slide through the pages of a category without reloading the pages. The initial idea of the plugin was to convert a category into a kind of gallery that can be easily added inside a page template. After a number of modifications this is still doable with the additional facility to use a shortcode as to easily start the plugin on any spot of a website. The shortcode can be added inside a page, post, advanced custom field or embeded into template file by passing the shortcode into do_shortcode() function.
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search engines vs. human readability

More and more often while I’m reading random articles online in blogs, magazines, etc. I’m bugged with the feeling that the author’s thought somehow does not flow consistently and logically. And it is not about the consistency inside the story, article or whatever is the reading, but inconsistency and discontinuity in the selection of words.

This is happening to an extent that a large number of these articles do not have much reason to exist at all. Or at least no reason other than making noise along a thing – i.e. to advertise and pump up the contents of a page with as many as possible text with “the noble” cause to push the page forward in the search results – in the rank list of google – all because of the mission to be in the top 100 chart.
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